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    Primary Shredder

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    Primary Shredder

    Product introduction

    Our XLC primary shredders are worldly known as the sturdiest and the most reliable machines in the market. They guarantee high throughput and a very good productivity with low maintenance and operation costs. Our hook shredders are suitable for wide variety of waste such us: industrial waste, bulky and municipal waste, hazardous waste or wood.


    →  Incinerators

    →  Sorting and recycling plants

    →  Refused derived fuel (RDF) installations

    →  MSW? treatment installations

    →  Hazardous waste treatment installations

    Product advantage

    1、Very powerful installations up to 630 kW

    2、Throughput from 10 t/h up to 240 t/h

    3、Door for automatic ejection of unshreddable products

    4、Waste can be shredded in each direction of shaft rotation

    5、Wear parts are easily and independently exchangeable

    6、All warned down parts are completely reweldable

    7、Process of waste reducing is completely automated using hydraulic adjustment systems and modern customer–specific IT programs

    Product diagram


    1,Highly resistant hooks 

    High resistance to wear, may be rewelded, optimized shredding geometry 

    2,Central and side combs 

    Easily exchangeable combs with adjustable granulometry and height 

    3,Housing in two parts 

    Easy and quick exchange of the whole shafts possible by simple unscrewing of the superior element of the housing 

    4,High sealing for bearings 

    Quadruple sealing preventing leakages, even for liquids 

    5,Shock absorbers 

    Efficient protecting system of the hydraulic drive against overloads 

    6,Hydraulic drive 

    Special design hydraulic drive for optimal torque and performance, works perfectly in extreme conditions 

    7,Ejection door 

    Hydraulically driven door for automatic ejection of unshreddable products 

    Primary Shredder Series

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